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What distinguishes outstanding performance by a leader? 

Exceptional leaders go beyond the expected. They demonstrate courage, encourage collaboration and foster innovation.

Our Work

Arnone Executive Coaching serves international clients in competitive and creative industries including Media/Entertainment, Financial Services, Creative Services and Technology.

Maria Arnone understands the extraordinary challenges facing leaders who drive these businesses.

Our Approach

Coaching focuses on aligning leadership behavior with the organization’s goals. We use a variety of methods to achieve this, through a comprehensive understanding of the executive’s leadership style, values, strengths, and the stressors that get in the way.

Techniques include a combination of behavioral evaluation tools, as well as interviews with important others such as select peers, subordinates, superiors and, if appropriate, external sources such as clients. As a result, executives understand how their well-intended behaviors are sometimes misinterpreted by important others, such as those whose support is critical to getting the job done.

Recent Posts

Coaching in an “Us vs Them” Environment

The animosity between Alex and Carlos extended beyond their immediate encounters in the business. Their direct reports were careful to align their allegiance within their group. Both groups displayed an “us versus them” attitude. Alex was an optimistic and...

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Decision making differences

“They brought me in for my experience and contacts. We had a good year, yet I am laboring under a boss who second guesses me, and makes my life difficult. My review was devastating. I am thinking of leaving.” My client, Andrew, shared his frustration. The Chief Legal...

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What is blocking collaboration?

“Can this relationship be saved?” I was asked by the Chief Human Resource Officer, who sadly said that the Investment Banking firm did not want to lose an important revenue producer unnecessarily. A new investment banking head, John, was considering eliminating one of...

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